For our Nursery and K.G. Section we have devised a S.P.E.C.I.A.L Programme to initiate them to the magic world of learning. So, what's so SPECIAL about this SPECIAL Programme? The anagram SPECIAL - stands for St. Peter's Early Childhood Instructional And Learning Programme. It is a programme especially devised for small kids of Nursery and K.G. to learn academics in a playful manner and acquire skills to cope with mental strains. The school has formulated a special curriculum with special activities to promote and provide for their enrichment and growth and also to boost the self-confidence of their parents. Special exercises are devised beginning with simpler concepts and working upwards to complex differentiation. The Students of Nursery and K.G. are the pride of any Educational Institution and our school is no exception. We admit, in our school, children of 21/2 years and more to the Nursery, of 31/2 years and more to K.G. and not below 51/2 years to STD I. These young kids who come to our school for the first time are placed in different environment - different from their homes and away from the sheltering bosoms of their parents - They are now under the care of our Nursery and K.G. teachers who become their second parents to mould their young minds and shape them to be the young adults of tomorrow. How these teachers handle these kids goes a long way to make or mark their schooling careers. Very often the liking or disliking of certain subjects or certain types of individuals is directly related to the experience these kids have or experience in their early schooling.

We, at St. Peter's H. School, attach a great importance to the kind of teachers we engage to look after our Nursery and K.G. children. They are young, good looking, smart, intelligent and above all affectionate with a caring attitude towards the little ones. They have infinite patience to deal with the children's tantrums and the ones possessing desirable qualities of head and heart in them, which are easily copied and emulated by the young ones. Needless to say, they are all trained and qualified teachers.

Our little children learn the rudiments of reading and writing in a playful manner by means of games, toys, music, singing, dancing and handcraft. In our School we make learning fun for children, so that these kids love and enjoy going to school and learning by touch, by seeing and by hearing about the world around them. By exposing them to natural surroundings they are taught to appreciate Nature.

The system we have devised for them stresses on pleasurable surrounding conditions that influence their development and growth. Our programme consists of games and songs, using instructional materials that will make children independent and resourceful. Our programme envisages children to be free, active, creative and ready to take part in group activities and learn by doing rather than by following instructions from their teachers. Our teachers are, for them, more of guides and mentors, rather than enforcers of rigid regimen.

The children are encouraged to dabble freely in colour and paint and create their own design out of their fantasies. They delve their soft hands in softer moulds of clay and create creatures of their own imagination. They play in the soft sand that helps to exercise their finger joints for more serious work of writing in the class. They enjoy swinging their hips, arms and legs to the lilting melody of music played to them and more and more of the activities they love to indulge in and give free vent to their imagination.

You are free to visit us and see for yourself how the children grow and learn in this our "Temple of Learning".
We cherish a vision ! A vision - to establish a very prominent educational institution. We have courageously taken our first step. Be with us to fulfill our vision. A vision to secure a bright future for the students.
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