During the middle ages, when nobility and knighthood were instituted as an investiture of distinction for lofty feats of gallantry and dedication and as a social class, both Nobelmen and knights adopted various marks and symbols to signify their place of origin, their family branch, their titles their achievements, their ideals. The peculiar arrangement, combinations, measurements and colourings of those symbolic marks was done according to fixed rules and Principles which developed into the Science of "Heraldry". Those distinctive marks were usually worn over the battle dress and on the Shield. Hence the combination of those symbols was known as the "Coat of Arms" or the "Badge". To it was added a scroll or ribbon containing a short phrase or sentence, which expressed in a condensed form the principal or ideal that guided the nobleman or the knight in his enterprises.

From the "Coat of arms" and "Badges" our present badges evolved, though today the word "Badge" has acquired a more practical meaning, i.e. a distinctive symbolic mark of authority, rank, proficiency membership etc.

The St. Peter's High School Badge is divided into 3 portions 2 on the upper part and one on the lower part.
  1. The left upper part contains two keys and an inverted cross. On the field of “Red” symbolising the martyrdom of St. Peter our Patron, the keys stand as a sign of authority that Jesus gave to St. Peter and the inverted Cross represents the manner in which St. Peter sacrificed his life. He asked his persecutors to crucify him head downwards as he was unworthy to die in the way his master had died.

  2. The right portion on a field of yellow contains a dove, 3 gears and a sheaf corn with a sickle representing the virtues of peace, progress and prosperity, which the school hopes to provide for its students.

  3. The lower portion is entirely devoted to education, the main concern of the school.
On the background of black, that signifies ignorance and darkness is depicted the Holy Spirit showering His blessings in the form of rays of knowledge against an open book that stands for an open mind of the students to assimilate knowledge. It expresses figuratively the fundamental characteristics and aims of the school.

The black inscription on a white scroll below the badge asserts and clarifies the essential and exclusive directive principal of our motto "The Lord is my light" It reflects our ardent belief in God and the eternal truth - The embodiment of all wisdom.

The inscription on the upper ribbon is the name of our school - St. Peter's High School.

Let us look at it and take it as our shield to guard and protect us against all odds and adversities as also to guide us for greater achievements.
We cherish a vision ! A vision - to establish a very prominent educational institution. We have courageously taken our first step. Be with us to fulfill our vision. A vision to secure a bright future for the students.
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