Jesus Christ's ministry and mission in this world took a significant turn with the choosing of his 12 Apostles. He did not choose the rich or the powerful. He did not choose the intellectuals nor the influential. He choose simple, poor and hardworking fishermen and labourers. Men who reposed, their trust in Him and followed Him in their own humble way to spread His message to the four corners of the globe.
Among the very first to be handpicked in a dramatic way was Simon who later came to be known as Peter. Jesus re-named him Peter, the Rock, and on this rock He built His Church. Peter became Jesus's successor, as the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

By the brief accounts in the Gospels we learn that Peter was fisherman. He was strong, impatient and impulsive, physically strong but with great many human failings. He denied knowing Jesus three times during trial of Jesus but repented had not understood Jesus sufficiently, his faith in Jesus as the son of God was in the forefront of spreading His teachings to both the Jews and the Gentiles.

He was not a learned or a powerful man. But he had certainly a large and loving heart. Even during the life time of Jesus he could not understand the ways of Jesus and thus experienced great sufferings; disapprovals and falls. However, repentance and conversion were possible to him for in him the spirit of God could work the miracle of transformation.
After the death and resurrection of Christ, Peter was a totally transformed man. As the 1st Pope and successor to Jesus He gave the leadership to the early church. He preached and propagated the faith and gave witness and testimony to Jesus by his martyrdom.

We celebrate the feast of St. Peter on 22nd February. On this day we celebrate, the mission of Jesus and Jesus's love for mankind. On this day we remember this leader of the Apostles, the Rock on which Jesus built His Church. On this day, we remember Peter, to whom Jesus had ordained that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The Lord was his Light. Let us pray that He will be our Light too in our search for knowledge and understanding.
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