In order to give free vent to their inborn talents both in prose and verse as also in art, drawing and craft, the school provides a platform and a medium through which the students can truly express themselves and eventually grow as mature and consummate writers. This medium is our yearly School Magazine - The Petruscian.

We also publish a quarterly Bulletin the Jeevan Jyot - in order to apprise our parents and our students of the activities held in the School, our forthcoming activities as well as the performance of our students; both in studies as well as in extra - curricular activities in that particular quarter.

Besides these 2 publications we also apprise our parents of what goes on in the School and also keep them informed of all the activities held or Scheduled by means of regular circulars and notices sent to them.

We cherish a vision ! A vision - to establish a very prominent educational institution. We have courageously taken our first step. Be with us to fulfill our vision. A vision to secure a bright future for the students.
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