1. A Calender month's notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil, else a month's fee will be charged. Such notice should be given in writing by the person responsible for the pupil and not by the pupil. Those who leave in April must pay their fees for the month of May.

  2. Pupils who leave without notice and pupils whose names are struck off the rolls for unexplained absence of more than 10 days are as a rule not Re-admitted.

  3. School fees are due as long as the name of the pupil is on the Register. You are requested to notify the Office on time when the student leaves the school.

  4. The leaving Certificate, without which a pupil cannot join any other school, shall be refused to those who have not paid their fees and other dues.

  5. The Leaving certificate should be applied for in writing by the parent or guardian in the prescribed form.

  6. Pupils who desire to discontinue studies should take their Leaving Certificates immediately. A fee will be charged if the Certificate is taken after one year, and if a duplicate is applied for, the prescribed procedure must be followed.

  7. No Certificate of any kind will be given without a written application from the parent/ Guardian. This application should be handed over in the school office at least three days before the date on which the certificate is required.
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