Along with the School Badge, the school flag with its colours represents the school and what the school stands for.

It is a symbol of authority and pride. A symbol which every students will respects and honour because every colour in it represents something that every student cherishes for his/her own growth and development.

The school flag consists of three colour bands of Red, White and Yellow.

The Red stands for the martyrdom of St. Peter signifying the faith He reposed on our Lord - His master. We hope that this faith is instilled in our management, staff and students to carry on our work for years to come.

The White in centre stands for purity which is expected of every student in all their dealings. Purity in thought, purity in expression and purity in action, Purity that will be guiding light of their endeavour.

The yellow strip signifies and stands for the hope of peace, prosperity and productivity which the school is striving to achieve for its students.

In the middle of the while strips is the imprint of the logo. Two keys diagonally placed in an up side down position forming a cross. These keys indicate the authority that our patron received from Jesus and the cross throws light on the manner in which he was persecuted and put to death.

The school flag, therefore, embodies in itself the majesty and royal splendor of our inheritance, peace and purity of our existence and hopes for progress and prosperity to our Alma Mater and to our Mother land.

Let us all hold it aloft to honour and respect it.
We cherish a vision ! A vision - to establish a very prominent educational institution. We have courageously taken our first step. Be with us to fulfill our vision. A vision to secure a bright future for the students.
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