The Secondary Section of St. Peter's High School assists in the total formation of each student to be a responsible citizen of our country. The School helps to the fullest possible development of the God - given talents of each individual as a mature and responsible human being.

The School lays great stress on a thorough and sound intellectual formation including the mastery of humanistic and scientific disciplines through careful and sustained study that is based on competent and well-motivated teaching. Our teachers in the Secondary Section lay great stress on the study of technology together with physical and social sciences.

Our School insists on individual care and concern for each student and emphasises activity on the part of the students - both in academics and extra -curricular activities.

Besides laying stress on the academic excellence in the students, the School aims at the formation of values in them, in their attitudes and in an ability to evaluate criteria.

An endeavour has always been made in the school to set great store by a moral and value based education for our students with a view to their forming within themselves a sound and a responsible conscience.

Our stress in academic excellence with a comprehensive schedule for our teaching staff and a very watchful eye by the Management on their performance have given us the desired results on the academic performance of our students.

We cherish a vision ! A vision - to establish a very prominent educational institution. We have courageously taken our first step. Be with us to fulfill our vision. A vision to secure a bright future for the students.
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